Review Of Gym Member Behaviour Post-lockdown Finds A Decrease

A review of gym member behaviour post-lockdown finds a decrease in average member age and an increase in the number of gym-goers. Village Health & Wellness Clubs have carried out a review of pre and post-lockdown member behaviour to find out what type of impact COVID19 has had on the fitness industry in the UK.


Village Gym found out that:

  • Members’ average age decreased from 44 years to 41 years after the pandemic.
  • Figures post COVID far outperform pre COVID performance with an increase of 68%  in new membership sales.
  • There has been an increase in men attending the gym compared to those before the pandemic. 
  • 7 times more members accessed live fitness classes during a lockdown.
  • Dance-inspired workouts are now the most popular form of group fitness options, with Zumba the most popular choice across the Village Gym locations.
  • There has been a shift towards home-based personal training and virtual support post-pandemic.

Decrease from 44 years to 41 years post-pandemic in average age of members

Younger people are keener than ever to keep their immune systems strong and their health in check.

There has been a significant increase in students and young people signing up to Village Gym clubs, possibly down to the need for social contact and an injection of post-lockdown fun. 

Village Gym say, “This could be due to many having more time for workouts when working from home, or the increase in desire to shift a few pounds after lockdown. Public Health England suggests that 40% more of British adults gained an average of 3kg during the pandemic.” 

“Members are also committing to a new lifestyle, with an increase in long term memberships rather than short-term options. This offers a positive insight into the notion of making fitness a long term habit, and that members are not as focused as they used to be on quick fixes and short term fitness goals.”

Figures Post-COVID outperform figures pre-COVID with an increase in new membership sales of 68%

Many in the UK are now putting their health first, with an increase of 68% in new members across all Village Gym clubs. This number is composed of those keen to get back into fitness after a significant break, as well as those just starting out on their fitness journey. 

“Members are keen to improve cardio health, at this particularly crucial time when lung function plays such an important role. Weight loss is also a common goal given the national weight gain observed after months of sedentary lifestyles.”

Increase in the number of men starting to visit the gym since the COVID pandemic began 

Pre pandemic, Village Gym reported a female membership base of over 50%. Now, male members have the larger share of the member demographic, with a number keen to get into shape and to expand their social circle of those also looking to take care of their fitness.

Village Gym says, “Our investment into cutting edge weight training kit, plus functional training spaces has become very popular with men who enjoy weight lifting, strength training as well as bodyweight workouts.”

On-demand fitness was crucial for fitness fanatics during a lockdown, with 7 times more members accessing live fitness classes during this time

Online fitness classes were vital for many Village Gym members during lockdown when all clubs were closed as a result of government restrictions. 

With a wide selection of virtual and live workouts, Village Gym saw a spike in the number of members engaging with these on-demand fitness options. 

Dance-inspired workouts are the most popular form of group fitness, with Zumba the number one option at the Village Gyms.

Members are choosing upbeat and sociable fitness classes, with an increase of 20% in those attending Zumba classes compared to pre-lockdown figures. Older adults are also getting back into group fitness, which is seen via a 19% increase in Aqua Aerobics sessions. 

“Low-impact workouts like Aqua classes are ideal for older members to stay limber and ensure their cardiovascular health is maintained. Members also love to catch up after their morning Aqua class over a cuppa.” 

Personal training post-pandemic has shifted towards training at home with online support

The number of members booking personal training sessions has decreased in number, though this was to be expected due to social distancing and the emergence of virtual, online personal training options. 

“Many members now feel comfortable taking the fitness programmes planned by their personal trainer, and putting it into practice themselves at home, simply returning for progress reviews to ensure they are still hitting their goals.”

This also aligns with the survey of Fitness Trends, which highlighted that ‘online training’ was the top fitness trend for 2021.


There’s no better time than the present to start thinking about future health, and it’s clear that our members are aware of this. From fitness newcomers to those whose gym routine took a backseat during a lockdown, the nation is currently getting up and moving. 

“Young people enjoy the social camaraderie that comes from group exercise sessions, and older adults rely on their regular gym sessions for the social aspect that relieves the loneliness caused by those months in isolation. “

“We’re planning for a fitter future. In the face of the pandemic, we’ve now realised just how important our health is and we’re taking vital steps to ensure that our bodies are in top form. This isn’t just for the summer… but for the future.”


This data was compiled and compared from the periods of April 12th – October 12th 2021 and April 12th – October 12th 2019. 

About Village Gym

Village Gym is part of the lifestyle hotel brand, ‘Village Hotels’ and has 32 gyms located throughout the UK. Each gym includes state-of-the-art cardiovascular and weights equipment, over 100 of the latest fitness classes per week, heated swimming pools and a range of COVID safety measures in place, in accordance with the latest government guidelines.

Members have a range of options including 3 month and annual contracts as well as corporate and student offers and can also enjoy generous discounts and rewards at a variety of partner organisations.

The most recent Village Gym location launch took place in Bracknell on December 18th.

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  1. I’ve definitely noticed a decrease in the age of gym goers at my gym in Edinburgh as well.

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