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Browse dumbbell sets through stock out there. Please contact to arrange an appointment to view / purchase the equipment you need. Hammer Strength ISO Lateral DY (Dorian Yates) Row Hammer Strength ISO lateral DY (Dorian Yates) row. This is a really hard to seek out unit by Hammer and in my view, the best Hammer back unit ever created. The handles let you pull comfortably both beneath and overhand. This unit will blast your lats like no different machine. This unit is in glorious, refurbished situation. **OUT OF STOCK**

Original FLEX FITNESS OEM Adjustable Pec Fly & Rear Delt Combo – Super Clean This is the original, Flex Fitness rear delt & pec fly combo machine. This is an old-fashioned, tremendous exhausting to search out, stunning and very efficient piece of equipment. If you’re a collector or just into true old-fashioned, hardcore machines that feel wonderful, then this is for you. It will annihilate your chest and rear delts. This unit is in stunning situation and works completely.

$3,850.00 Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Multi Grip Row – Newest Style Hammer Strength ISO lateral multi grip row. This is probably the most wanted and hottest Hammer Strength machine. Unit is in excellent condition and perfect working order. If you’ve been looking for this machine, now could be your chance.

$2,789.00 Life Fitness Signature Series Glute Kickback Life Fitness Signature Series glute. Beautiful, present and latest model unit by the trade leader of business gym equipment. Unit is in perfect working order and beautiful condition.

$1,850.00 Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Plate Loaded Decline Chest Press Hammer Strength ISO lateral plate loaded decline chest press. This machine is in wonderful situation. Extremely well-liked unit by Hammer Strength and can be present in virtually each gym in the country. The decline press is a must do exercise for the pecs, and is what’s going to create that nice full, round, shelf look to the chest.

$2,189.00 Hammer Strength ISO Lateral Incline Press Hammer Strength ISO lateral incline press. This is my private favorite of all the Hammer chest models, and it’ll actually blast the mid and higher pecs. This unit has an unique OEM gun metal end, and it seems stunning. This unit has been cleaned, serviced, and is in wonderful situation.

$2,189.00 $2,189.00 Bodymasters CM420 Adjustable Standing Leg Curl Bodymasters standing leg curl CM420 excellent condition. The standing leg curl is a really effective and necessary exercise for the hams. Units like this are hard to search out, and Bodymasters is one of the best. This unit could be very RARE and exhausting to come by.

$1,689.00 Life Fitness Signature Series Plate Loaded Linear Leg Press four Loading Horns Life Fitness plate loaded linear leg press. This machine is just stunning and is in wonderful situation. This unit has four big, silky easy linear bearings. The four plate horns allow you to pile on a ton of plates (literally). The huge foot plate gives you the ability to coach all angles of your legs, glutes and calves. Machine is stunning and in excellent working order. This machine retails upwards of $6,500 new.Save BIGwith us.

$3,850.00 $2,750.00 Life Fitness Signature Series Pec Fly & Rear Delt Combo Life Fitness Signature Series Platinum pec fly and rear delt combo machine. This is by far the best pec fly machine available on the market. It is extraordinarily smooth, well designed, built like a tank and has a 300 lb. weight stack! Pressing alone is not enough, as the chest and rear delts have to be specifically focused. Blast each the pecs and rear delts with this machine. These retail for $5,300. This machine is in wonderful situation and excellent working order.

$3,450.00 Hammer Strength GHD GHR Glute Ham Raise/Developer Hammer Strength GHD GHR Glute Ham Raise/Developer in tremendous clear situation. There is not any better exercise for the glutes and hamstrings. Can also be used for training obliques and abdominals. This unit is very exhausting to find preowned, particularly on this condition. Sells elsewhere preowned for $2,400.

$1,450.00 $2,450.00 Precor Icarian thirteen Unit Total Body Strength Circuit Gym Package Precor Icarian 13 Unit Strength Circuit. This circuit is simply beautiful and beautiful. There are no much less than one if not two machines right here for the entire body. Each and each muscle group is roofed by this circuit. Precor Icarian makes some of the greatest full commercial grade equipment round. They are extremely sturdy, heavy duty and well built. You get the best of each worlds, stunning looks and heavy obligation with out being intimidating. This circuit is valued at $96,000 retail. Units have been cleaned and serviced and are in wonderful condition.

Precor CircuitPrecor forty five Degree Linear Leg Press

/shorts/bQfrN3h_I9E $16,995.00 $2,850.00 Precor Icarian Flite FLT 541 Plate Loaded ISO Lateral Incline Chest Press Precor Icarian Flite 541 Incline Chest press. This is an extremely well-built incline. The incline movement is an important exercise for the pecs for overall dimension and energy. This machine has an amazing feel and places a lot pressure on the upper pecs and absolutely none on the shoulders. These units are very hard-to-come-by and really feel amazing! This unit is in stunning situation.

$1,850.00 Matrix G3 Tricep Extension Full business grade, late model Matrix G3 tricep extension in clear condition. This machine will assist get your arms the place you want them to be. The unit is great, clean, well designed and makes dishonest the exercise nearly impossible. This is essential for arm development and the entire rigidity is positioned on the focused muscles.

$895.00 Arsenal Reloaded Vertical Leg Press Arsenal Reloaded Vertical Leg Press

The vertical leg press is probably the most unique leg press ever made. This is a will have to have in any gym for its distinctive design and skill to target muscle teams like by no means earlier than. If your objective is to construct a world class gym, unique private coaching studio, or offer your members an excellent piece of kit, the vertical leg press is the one. This standout piece of power coaching equipment will give your gym the sting it wants. Your members will respect you for bringing in the best power equipment. The vertical leg press is heavy obligation, produced from 7 gauge metal and has intricate laser minimize welding.

This unit is preowned, however in lovely condition.

* Unique Vertical Leg Press
* Free weight / plate loaded leg machine
* Oversized 36”X18” foot plate to provide varied muscle goal choices
* Maximum plate load of 20 45lbs. on the sled
* Frame at ninety degrees
* Quick modify security stops, spring loaded and non removable
* Lumbar Supported Seat
* 6 weight horns for plate storage

DIMENSIONS * Total Weight: 695 lb.
* Width: 74″ (w/ horns), 48.25″ (w/o horns), Height: 79″, Length: 68

$5,750.00 $1,689.00 Here at Fitness Equipment Empire, we focus on quality name model pre-owned business fitness merchandise similar to: Fitness energy machine, life fitness equipment, Hammer Strength, hammer power cable machine Precor, Cybex, Nautilus Inspiration Leg Extension and lots of more.

We provide both selectorized and plate loaded Hammer Strength machines to give you a big selection of options for each workout. Don’t waste money shopping for new Hammer Strength Machine, we have the identical machines Pre-owned, at a fraction of latest value and in nice situation.

Gym equipment is important in maintaining your physiques and leading a wholesome lifestyle. Fitness Equipment Empire sells gym machines that will meet all of your fitness objectives. Fitness Equipment Empire provides quite lots of gym machines equipment similar to hammer machines, leg press machines with a variety of impressive features for home and commercial use.

From treadmills, dumbbell sets, fitness mats, and rubber gym flooring, these things permit you to exercise in the best method. These exercise machines can be used in your home, office, or gym. Life Fitness equipment is designed to be excellent for each facility, and fit the wants of any exerciser, no matter gender, age, capacity, or fitness level.

Benefits of Using New/Used Gym Machine
Health is wealth. Regular workout routines play a significant position in maintaining your health and keeping you fit. That means you need to hit the gym, and if you choose exercising at home, which means investing in good-quality gym machine equipment. But how are you aware the most effective machine?

A gym machine occupies plenty of area. For instance, the most miniature life fitness equipment can occupy an entire nook in your garage. Although this machine can carry out multiple function, you’ll nonetheless have to create sufficient room for your weight equipment and treadmill.

At Fitness Equipment Empire, we’ve life fitness equipment that ranges in various sizes.

Good gym machine equipment doesn’t come cheaply. Most of the machines value over $3.000. Therefore, you want to discover a provider who you know provides the best gym machines in the marketplace and might also provide pre owned gym machine choices.

The quality of the gym machine matters lots. That determines how lengthy it’s going to last and the way a lot weight it could face up to. Invest in gym machine equipment that guarantees longevity and energy.

Fitness Equipment Empire is a dependable and affordable gym equipment seller. You can even buy a pre-owned machine, which is cheaper than buying new ones. If you want energy and durability, then look through our website for reasonably priced offers.

Preowned commercial life fitness equipment & Hammer Strength has become a better / more reasonably priced option for gym owners and people to buy the equipment they need at a worth they can afford.

We also concentrate on many of the rare harder to find collectible machines corresponding to Nebula, Medx, Atlantis, Bodymasters, TK Star and Icarian. You have come to the right place.

We have a confirmed track record with promoting high-end industrial brands. Need shipping? We can help! Give us a name at for extra

info on the merchandise we’ve available and we might be joyful to assist with getting a freight quote. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)
Is There A Warranty On Used Hammer Strength Machines?
Hammer energy machines are very resilient fitness energy machines. They are made to final a very long time, even with heavy use. While warranties for brand new hammer power machines are commonplace, they are rarely provided for used or refurbished fitness power machines. If warranties for used strength machines are given, they are usually for a brief period like one yr as a substitute of 5 or 10 years.

Is It Safe To Buy Used Hammer Strength Machine?
Hammer Strength machines are built to final a lifetime. Hammer as a model has been in existence for more than 25 years setting impeccable standards for excellence. Their fitness strength machines have been utilized by skilled bodybuilders, novice weightlifters and even fitness fanatics. Hammer fitness coaching machines are robust and not vulnerable to wear and tear. Thus used Hammer strength machines are protected to make use of.

What Strength Machine Do I Need For My Home Gym?
It could be finest should you obtained fitness energy machines that exercise the totally different muscle teams. You can even get some dumbbells for the arms. If house and price range allow, you may get a sturdy bench and a barbell. You should also invest in fitness power machines that provide you with vigorous cardiovascular exercise. You can get a treadmill, rowing machine, or a stationary exercise bike to get in your cardio.

Do You Discount Your Commercial Gym Machines?
Fitness Equipment Empire sells a group of both new and used commercial gym machines at competitively low costs. The pre-owned fitness strength machines come at a cheaper price level than the brand new ones. What is equally essential is that they’re a sturdy choice that offers the same desired results out of your workouts. Quality manufacturers such as Life Fitness Equipment, Hammer Strength, Nebula, and so forth., manufacture our sets.

Does Strength Training Always Include Weights?
While the use of weight machines and free weights are popular decisions to help enhance one’s power, energy training is a versatile workout not limited to those equipments alone. Fitness power machines embody resistance bands, treadmills, recumbent bikes, and so forth. Some energy training exercises don’t require equipment and can still build your desired muscle mass and health outcomes similar to training use bodyweight.

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