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Before you hire a sod installation service, you should ask about their pricing. Most sod installation services will give you a free quote or at least estimate the cost of the job. You can request a quote online, by phone, or by email. The largest determining factor in pricing is the size of your yard. If you don’t know how much sod you need, you can use a sod area calculator to estimate how much you will need to buy.

A solid sod installation service will have a comprehensive process that includes removing existing grass, laying topsoil, and fertilizing the soil. You should also have the area graded properly, if necessary. And make sure to avoid sod installation companies that scalp or mow existing grass. They should also agree on a pre-fertilization schedule before they begin the job. Starter fertilizer is best for sod.

Sod installation can be a big undertaking. But it is worth it because it will look great for a few weeks and then degrade rapidly. To maximize the growth of your new sod, you must ensure the soil underneath is in good condition. Sod may need to be amended before it can grow, and the sod may need to be trimmed to improve its appearance. An insecticide may also need to be applied. A sod installation service will know exactly how to properly care for your sod, from cutting to fertilizing.

The cost of sod installation varies by region. For a lawn that is one sixth of an acre, a professional installation will cost between $2,813 and $7,603. However, you should keep in mind that the total cost of the project depends on the grade and terrain of your lawn. You might have to pay more if the sod installation service has to perform extensive grading before it can lay. If you plan to hire a professional to install sod, the cost will go up significantly.

Aside from the price, sod installation is a great option if you are looking to renovate your lawn. You can do this at any time of year, which is advantageous if you need to update your lawn quickly. It will also handle normal foot traffic and be more durable than other grasses. Sod is a relatively quick process, and can handle normal foot traffic in a short amount of time. You can then enjoy the beautiful new lawn immediately afterward.

In addition to having a professionally installed sod, a sod installation service can also provide maintenance services. These services include fertilization, weed control, and mowing. It is not uncommon to pay between $275 and $3,500 for the installation of sod. If you can afford the initial outlay, this investment will pay for itself over time. Sod installation services can provide many benefits for your lawn. It will make the landscape look great and last for many years to come!

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