The Happy Body: The Simple Science of Nutrition, Exercise, and Relaxation

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  • Publisher : Happy Body Press; 2nd edition (July 15, 2015)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 308 pages 
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THE HAPPY BODY HOTLINE: If you have questions or you need support you can ask Jerzy for help.

He is available on ZOOM everyday at noon PST. To join his meeting use 4594418282 numbers.

Jerzy is happy to help you to become more youthful and create for yourself happier living.


Welcome to the new, updated The Happy Body. This second edition includes new inspiring testimonials and some useful tools, including a Quick Guide summary of The Happy Body experience (page 70),

an extensive list of resources (page 280) and an outline to deepen your understanding of how The Happy Body can support you through every decade (page xv).

The exercise instruction has been enhanced with greater detail regarding correct execution and the food plan material now includes links to new recipes and simple strategies that streamline your cooking to support your ideal body weight, leanness, and health.

We’ve also written many books that offer additional support for those who need it; a list of these resources appears in the back of the book. Finding enough is a constant interaction between doing too much and doing too little. It is a part of any craft and ensures the fastest and safest progress.

Making mistakes is part of the learning process. Equally important is maintaining trust that you will succeed just like others before you.This book is designed as a manual. Our clients find reading testimonies and highlighting meaningful passages in the book is inspiring

—it keeps them motivated and positive.

You can use the The Happy Body Self Mastery Workbook or The Happy Body Journal, or any diary to record your daily thoughts, feelings, challenges and solutions. By re-reading what you marked and wrote you will discover how you are changing. Page by page, mark by mark, The Happy Body will gradually find a home in you. And when it settles, you will be a master of your choices. You will know how much is enough

—enough food, enough exercise, and enough meditation

—for you to become a Happy Body, a body that is strong, flexible, fast, and lean. As we live longer and face more challenges in an ever-changing world, our quality of life is at stake. The strength and immunity of our bodies are correlated. Wellness is built over time by making conscious choices that are hard

—resisting packaged products and inflammatory foods, minimizing consumption of animal proteins as we age, choosing strength over endurance training that overtires and injures the body.

We have worked with these health topics for over 30 years now and have seen how the hard choices make up an easy life in the long run. Even more so, in the face of adversity.

We created The Happy Body Program as a proactive, holistic approach to health and fitness, to thrive in harmony with nature. There is overwhelming gracefulness in living without overconsumption and finding the middle ground of enough.


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